Chris Johnsen, Class XXX

With a dual JD/MBA, entrepreneurial spirit, and an array of business experience, Chris Johnsen offers an unrivaled, dual approach to solving the toughest problems facing today’s businesses. His legal expertise spans small to large corporate clients in a variety of industries. In addition, his experience as a business owner in advertising, retail, and real estate has uniquely prepared him to bring business-centric judgment and perspective to his clients. The result is a lawyer who speaks strategy in plain language (which is rare enough on its own) with all the finesse and skills that accompany a decade of legal practice.

Chris is currently the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of amagazi, an advertising agency with a full suite of creative solutions (, and the Managing Partner of Johnsen Law, a business law firm specializing in transactions, employment, real estate, and other matters for companies of all sizes ( Through both of these ventures, he’s able to focus on his top priority: helping businesses succeed.