Class XXXV Project Update:

Class XXXV, 'The Best Class Ever, is working hard to help Houston solve one of its biggest issues, flooding. Year after year, Houston is hit with torrential rains and several areas of the city end up with significant flooding that results in millions of dollars in damages and sometimes, loss of life. Class XXXV is working with Memorial Park to build a rain garden demonstration. Thousands of daily visitors to Memorial Park will learn how they can help Houston’s flooding problem by creating rain gardens at their homes or businesses. A simple depression in the earth that is filled with a mixture of sand, topsoil and compost and then beautiful native plants can help mitigate the damages that flooding cause by capturing, cleaning and absorbing storm water runoff from roofs, parking lots and roads. Rain gardens are an inexpensive and easy to implement solution. Please support class 35 by visiting to learn more or you can make a pledge or donation online by visiting .