About Leadership Houston
LH Toastmasters

Leadership Houston is teaming up with Toastmasters International to offer a cost effective and time efficient way for you to improve your communication skills and to build the confidence needed for effectively expressing your thoughts and ideas in any situation.

Becoming a charter member of the “Leadership Houston Toastmasters Club” is the first step to becoming the CONFIDENTCHARISMATIC and EFFECTIVE leader and speaker you desire to be. Weekly one-hour meetings are designed to help you develop integral communication skills by interacting with your fellow Leadership Houston alumni as well as other professionals from the community in an open and stress-free setting. The initial joining fee will be approximately $70, which will include the first six months of membership. After that, semi-annual dues will be less than $50.

For more information, please join us for regular meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Looscan Neighborhood Library (2510 Willowick Road, Houston, Texas 77027).  For more information, contact Amanda Bess, the club Membership Chair at asbess1984(at)gmail.com.



Frequently Asked Questions about Toastmasters:

What is Toastmasters? 
Toastmasters International, founded in 1924, is a learn-by-doing program that has helped millions of people develop effective speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure environment.  Through public speaking, Toastmasters teaches its members communication, leadership, training and management skills, as well as builds their self confidence and leadership skills.

Why should I join Toastmasters?
Some people join in order to:

  • Practice public speaking and enhance their presentation skills
  • Develop the skills to persuade and convince others
  • Learn to put their ideas across clearly and with conviction
  • Improve their self-confidence before a group of people
  • Learn to think quickly and clearly under pressure
  • Learn to listen effectively and critically
  • Learn to supportively evaluate someone else's presentation
  • Train to become a good leader

What specifically will I learn to do as a Toastmaster?
In Leadership Houston’s Toastmasters Club you will learn, by doing,

  • How to give an impromptu speech
  • How to give a prepared speech
  • How to evaluate what you hear
  • How to introduce speakers
  • How to be a more effective leader of people
  • How to Chair and run meetings

All of these skills will help you develop self confidence.

What is the time commitment and how expensive is it?
Your financial and time commitment will be minimal - the club will meet for one hour weekly. The initial joining fee is normally around $70 and dues are less than $10 per month. This will truly be one of the greatest SELF investments you can make in 2012.

Who can join Leadership Houston’s Toastmasters Club?
Anyone over the age of 18 years may join   Club membership will be “open” not only to Leadership Houston alumni, but to others in our community who are interested in communication and leadership development.

What do I need to do to join Leadership Houston’s Toastmasters Club?
Interested parties should contact Amanda Bess, Membership chair at asbess1984(at)gmail.com for information.